Because of the overwhelming response to our new Premiere Pink Sidepot this year we have some exciting news–For those horses who are sired by any past or present Pink Buckle stallion, and have never been paid in to Pink Buckle OR have missed payments and are currently ineligible for Pink Buckle we are offering this ONE TIME ONLY SPECIAL. You would now be able to pay a Premiere Pink Special Nomination fee of $3000. This horse must enter & compete in the 2023 Pink Buckle 4D Open & Premiere Pink Sidepot with a rider who has NEVER competedat any Pink Buckle Barrel Race.They can enter any other sidepots they are eligible for, but cannot compete in Derby or Futurity (even if horse is Futurity or Derby age).This great nomination opportunity will only be offered in 2023!!

Another exciting twist-All of these Pink Premiere Special Nomination fees will be added directly to the already guaranteed purse of $100,000. Ex: 30 Pink Premiere Special Nomination = $90,000 more to thepurse for the Premiere Pink Sidepot