All Divisions:

2 Rounds & Average, Average determines champions

Times are taken to the hundredths. ex. 2.15


A rope barrier & electric eye will be used. All score lengths will be subject to Breakaway committee’s approval.

Two Timekeepers, a Field Judge, a Barrier Judge, and Spotter will be in the arena at all times.


Bell Collar Catch only. Bell collar catch is defined as any loop passing over the calf’s head and slack is drawn around neck only. No other appendages of calf (i.e. front leg, tail, etc.) can be in loop when rope breaks from saddle horn. 

Ropes must be tied to the saddle horn of contestant’s saddle with nylon string at the VERY end of the rope. A cloth no shorter than six inches (6”) must be tied to the end of the rope.

Only one (1) loop can be carried. A dropped loop counts as a contestant’s thrown loop. 

Rope must be released from contestants’ hand to qualify for catch.

Contestant must pass thru barrier before loop is released. 

Contestant must be horseback when time is taken.

It is at the judges’ discretion to give a rerun. 

30 second time limit.

Out gate will remain open in the arena at all times. Time must be taken with calf in arena. If any part of calf has entered out gate, no time will be awarded. 

Breaking the barrier will result in a 10 sec penalty.

The Field Judge will flag the contestant when the rope breaks away from the saddle horn.

No time will incur if contestant breaks rope by hand or touches rope or string after catch is completed. 

Exception to above, is if rope dallies around the saddle horn. Contestant can ride forward to un-dally and then stop to allow rope to breakaway.


○     Calves will be a chute run.  Contestants must rope in drawn order.

○     No stock with horns will be used.

All decisions made by the Pink Buckle are final – we reserve the right to refuse entry to any horse or individual. Any rules herewith can be changed, added to, or denied at the discretion of Pink Buckle LLC.  Pink Buckle LLC will have the final word in interpreting or supplementing the rules and conditions of the Futurity if the need arises