DERBY RULES eligibility based on age of horse

1. Horses are eligible for the Derby for 3 yrs after the conclusion of their futurity year.

2. All riders must be designated when entries are due. Rider changes after that date will be $75 charge and you must complete and submit Rider Change Form.  

3. Horses must be checked in prior to running.

4. There will be two go-rounds and an average. Total times of the 2 rounds will determine the winners. The 2D Derby will be paid on a .75 sec split.

See Race Payout

5. Substitutions are allowed only due to illness, injury or death of nominated horse. A vet’s affidavit of proof must accompany substitutions along with $75 fee. The necessary papers on the horse being substituted must be provided and accompany the change fee ($75). Any substituted horse will be ridden by the originally nominated rider or owned by the original owner and must be sired by a Ruby Buckle stallion. No exceptions. All substitutions must be completed before the close of check-in. There are no ‘buy-outs’.

6. Late entries and nominations will be accepted up until race check in and you will be in the late draw.  Only cash & credit cards are accepted at race

Late Entry Fees are: $1000 Derby + $300 Nomination Fee.

7. No refunds in any case.

8. A photocopy of the front and back of horse’s registration papers must accompany entry. Actual papers showing current owner must be provided at check-in. Checks will be written to owner as shown on registration papers.

9. Current Health papers (within 30 days) & Coggins are required.

10. Dress Code: long sleeve shirts, cowboy hat or helmet, western boots.

All decisions made by the Pink Buckle are final – we reserve the right to refuse entry to any horse or individual. Any rules herewith can be changed, added to, or denied at the discretion of Pink Buckle LLC.  Pink Buckle LLC will have the final word in interpreting or supplementing the rules and conditions of the Derby if the need arises.