AMATEUR FUTURITY eligibility based on rider & age of horse
($250 entry fee)

Amateur Futurity contestants must enter Futurity. Amateur Futurity is a sidepot of Futurity.

a. Must not have won over $40K in earnings over the last 5 years and fill out Amateur Agreement form.
b. Must provide current Equi-Stat Report (within 2 weeks of Amateur Agreement) verifying that you have earnings less than $40K over the last 5 yrs.
c. Must not hold a current WPRA card.
d. Must not train barrel horses for compensation - meaning if you have ever been paid to ride for someone &/or won money competing on a horse you or your immediate family does not own.
e. You or an immediate family member must own the horse you are entering in the Amateur Futurity division and have current AQHA registration papers verifying this info.

Should the Pink Buckle determine an Amateur Futurity contestant has made a false declaration, they will forfeit ALL winnings earned during the race and will be disqualified. When a horse/rider is found to be ineligible, the earnings and awards will be forfeited to the Pink Buckle. It is the contestant’s responsibility to return all earnings and awards to the office secretary immediately. Pink Buckle reserves the right to make any changes they deem necessary.

There will be two go-rounds and an average. Total times of the 2 rounds will determine the winners.